You’ll probably notice in your reading from the Alternative Media Handbook that they spend a lot of time (specifically on pp71-76) talking about the IndyMedia organization, a grassroots, non-corporate journalism and activism collective. For class, take a look at this and ask yourself how this type of word-based communication challenges the established (i.e., State or Economy-run) news model.

There is definitely some crossover here with the activist and community media we’ll discuss later, so we’ll probably come back to IndyMedia then as well.

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  1. So, I was reading the article about Puerto Rico and the situation with the hotel. It’s basically how a hotel. The Conrad, is taking advantage about the people who work and not paying them their wages as they should. As a result, they are forming a strike in the beach in front of the hotel (since all the beaches in PR are public, stated by the law). The site encourages nearby residents to support this cause and be present.

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