Presentations on The New Media Monopoly

Instead of handouts, I decided to save a few sheets of paper and just post the specs for your presentations to the blog.

For your presentation, you’ll be expected to do the following:

  1. Give a complete summary of the main ideas Bagdikian presents in your chapter. You should do this first.
  2. Provide context for the chapter you’re covering – who/what are the main players, and what is Bagdikian’s opinion about or judgment on each?
  3. Using outside sources, give an update to the context of the story – what was changed since it was written? what hasn’t? Keep in mind that this edition was published in 2004, and a lot has happened in the media and financial environment since then.
  4. Pose at least 3 questions for discussion with the class throughout the presentation.

On the days that you’re not giving a presentation, you will be responsible for reading the material and providing at least 1 question for each presenter. These questions should build on the body of work that accumulates as the presentations progress.

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