Semester Projects 2010

My Semester Project!

Hello Everyone! I am happy to say that my semester project is completed. For those of you who don’t know, I did a blog on culture jamming. Culture jamming is a recreation of an image or an idea that is represented in the mainstream media. Culture jamming makes fun or goes against images and brands well-known in society. While I was doing this blog I discovered many interesting methods of culture jamming through different types of media that I did not even know exists. Throughout my blog, I go through different forms of culture jamming that I have found and discuss them in greater detail. I discuss culture jamming through specific advertisements, billboards, case studies, websites and more. I also bring up issues or questions that are often raised throughout the issue of culture jamming such as: culture jamming as a commodity, culture jamming and the mainstream. ¬†Overall I really enjoyed working on this project. It has increased my sense of awareness and has allowed me to see what culture jamming truly is through its many different forms. Check it out: My Culture Jamming Blog

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