Short anime spoof version of Don Hertzfeldt


I manage to find a short anime version of Don Hertzfeldt ‘Rejected” cartoon. His work has become popular across the borders that even anime is being used to copy his version. The ending is a bit different since, the sound of the vaccuum does appear but the main character dies. The difference is the main charcter is scared of something coming and then the banana comes out of nowhere saying “I am a banana” and runsaway from from the screen. The vaccuum noise comes and  the main character in the anime version  dies which could signfy the death of a person in a corporate world, like his soul was being taken away,  and the banana is standing up for what they believe and runs away before anything happens to him. This is my interpretation of the differnt ending with the anime, what are your thought about it?

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  1. Lol that is pretty awesome actually. Anime fans always find a way to incorporate their interests into just about everything and this is perfect way to demonstrate that I think.

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