My hometown Ayala Alabang Village: has a great site on community involvement

I just found out that my home town area in Philippines called Ayala Alabang Village, did produce a website for the community. Looking around it, I have found there are places where people could incorporate suggestions and feedback on the security, community relations, architecture, etc, so far it seems to value community input and involvement. I also found out that, they have a forum, but you would most likely need to live in the village community to be able to access the forum, which unfortunately I cannot since my parents moved to a different location. The website a few years old, but seems to really be incorporated for the community in informing the people about news as well as upcoming events happening in the village.

I do remember living there and that we would have weekly newletters of the upcoming events and current news happening around the village. I feel the website has expanded the community relations a lot, but I do not know how many people in my home town know about the website. At the bottom of the page, you can see the number of people who have viewed this website. I feel it is somewhat of a success if they manage to get people to view and with the open forum and comments form, it should only help make the community relations stronger.

Here is the website of my hometown:


If I were still living there, I probably would most likely view the website since I know almost everything going on in the community is posted there. Also, it would be a great way for me to see how people talk or chat in the forums and I would make use of the comments and suggestions. Also, its a great way for the people of the village to know of nay updates going on. I feel this site is a bottom up since I know its made by the community for the community.

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