New Rochelle, NY Online Community Site – Shane Kelly


Above is a link to the New Rochelle community website.  It was very easy for me to find, actually, I simply typed in “New Rochelle NY” into Google and it was the second link on the first page.  If you look at the website it’s more of an informative site more than anything else.

There is a lot of information about the city; there is info about the government in New Rochelle, events, departments, and a bunch of other stuff.  I clicked on the “Our Community” link at the top of the page to see what the site had to offer.  Immediately I realized, based on what I learned in class the other day, that this site was definitely “top-down.”  The online community of New Rochelle clearly has little say in the content that is on the site.  There is an option to contact the site administrator and a place for the people to make suggestions and whatnot, but there are no forums, blogs, or comment boxes above or below any of the content.

There are FAQ’s though, which were the closest things that I could find to community based content.  It is basically the most common things that people would want to know about the city of New Rochelle and common questions answered by the site contributors.

I definitely do not use this website since I did not know about its existence until tonight when I Googled it.  However, even if I did know about it, I don’t see how exactly I could “use” the site so much as I can just “view” it.  I wouldn’t really use it since I was born and raised in this city and know a bit about it and am not particularly interested in the departments and regulations of New Rochelle.

I feel like the general purpose of this site is basically to have New Rochelle somewhat established on the internet and so people can find out general facts about the city itself and its history.  Personally, I don’t find that concept to be particularly intriguing.  So, the presence of the site is very effective and easy to find and access but, as far as online-community involvement goes, I would give this city’s site an “F.”

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