Canton, MA – Community Website

My town, Canton, MA, wasn’t a hard webpage to find because I had been to it many times before and one could type Canton, MA into Google and it is the first link to appear. My town’s website gives to you the typical information on the town. It provides you with the phone numbers of the different departments in Canton and has a calendar to inform every one of important meeting and events that will be going on for all of us to attend.  Canton’s webpage also gives you direct links to the high school, middle school, three elementary schools, and the library’s webpage. The high schools website was a website I had visited very often. Messages where put up about sports, community service, what we were having for lunch that week, meetings, and much more. It was a way for everyone in the high school to make sure they knew what was going on. Even though all of these websites are a great way to know what is going on in the town, there is no way for people to discuss or blog or comment about any of these events. The closest thing to this was Knowledge Based/ Citizen’s Request tab that I clicked on. Here you were able to make a request, ask a question as well as see the questions and answers of other town members, and you were able to check the status of a question you may have asked.  However, there was no open blog for town members to discuss issues. The closet thing to this was the town’s facebook page.

Of course Canton, MA has a Facebook along with everyone and everything else. On this Faceobok page, people in the community are able to connect with others who are living there or who have lived their before.  Many people have posted issues they have with the town along with many good things in the town. Other town members have been able to comment and discuss on topics and issues they feel the same way about. Some discussion topics included what would you like to see, what Canton does wrong, what Canton does right, and a few more. Without this facebook page, there would be no place for the people in the community to discuss what is going on or their thought on Canton, MA my hometown.


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