I’m sure many of us watched at least part of the Grammy’s on Sunday night. There were two examples of divergent voices that stood out in my mind after watching part of the show and some interviews that happened after. Obviously Lady Gaga has her own way of expressing herself that is not considered “mainstream”. ¬†However her different style and ideas have been accepted in mainstream, maybe for the simple reason that it is so different. Everyone wants to know what she will do next to top herself. ¬†The over example of a divergent voice breaking into or using mainstream media is Esperanza Spalding. She won the Grammy for best new artist. And I believe that she is the first Jazz artist to have ever won that category. Jazz has not generally popped up on the top 40’s charts latley. A Jazz musician winning the Grammy’s shows that her peers recognize the accomplishments that she has made and perhaps she is slowly paving the way for Jazz to become more of a mainstream music genre.

Esperanza Spalding

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