My home town…Reno, NV

Finding my home town page was rather easy, I went on google typed in Reno, Nevada and it was the first link.  Although the web site works from the “Top Down” I found it to be a very well organized web page.  I moved from Reno to NJ when I was 17 years old, I have now been on the east coast for 7 years, after looking and searching through the web page, I found it  astonishing on how much has changed.   I also found the web page to be very informative.  Reno, Nevada nicknamed “The Biggest Little City in the World” demonstrates why they have been given that nickname on their web page, it shows the  community, the cultural, sporting events, living, visiting and business development.  I think the website is great for the community, like mentioned before it definitely starts from the top, however, there are links to Blog, a facebook account, twitter page and youtube page for people to get their voices heard.  One aspect of the page, I was shock by was how little, they mentioned Reno gaming, being that it is a big part of tourism, I thought maybe they could of added more on that.  I enjoyed looking at the web page, I just wonder how many people from Reno, have seen this page.

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