I’d never seen the Daily Show until we watched the clip in class the other day. So, the other night I decided to watch another episode. It was a funny episode and the guest was Howard Stern. In the opening John Stewart was making fun on CNN. He shows a clip from their show(which I haven’t been able to find yet) where CNN lets the audience choose the news. There is  segment were three stories are offered in the beginning of the hour and the viewer is supposed to text their which one they would like to listen to within the following hour. All of the stories were related to the war. John Stewart was making fun of it because all of the stories were important and they should have all been covered. Maybe they were at a later time during the broadcast, I don’t know. But what CNN was doing was  good example of how the media can encourage participation from the viewers. The only down side was that all of the stories probably should have been covered, not just the chosen one that received the most text votes.  I don’t know how successful their plan ultimately is.

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