I have played games for about all of my life.  I was introduced to it when I was born because of my brother.  He was 10 when I was a newborn so I grew up with a different sense of things.  I vividly know the old school Nintendo Entertainment System, Super Nintendo, and Sega Genesis.  I grew up with these consoles and have a great deal of love for them.  No matter what new games comes out, I will always remember the nights playing those games with my brother or my cousins.  It was fun times.  NOw gaming is completely different.  If a game isn’t rated T (Teen) or M (Mature 17+) then it is not deemed as a good game for my audience.  Now, the only games people play are first person shooters such as Halo or Call of Duty.  These games are just basic shooting someone in the head for points.  The more dark or gritty the game, the better it is for todays gamers.  I grew up differently.  I grew up with Sonic and Super Mario Bros.  Where color was vibrant and everyone enjoyed these games.  Where you can play these games with your brother and not worry about the games rating.  Today games must have somewhat of a realistic approach.

Another thing that was stripped away from games was creativity.  Now all it is, is the same video game over and over.  Recently I found a divergent voice with this culture.  IT forced you to think out of the box and allowed you to play the game that you wanted to play.  It was not dark or gritty at all. It actually welcomed you with a nice rating that said everyone can play it.  

The game was greeted with the highly adorable and completely anti stereotypical video game hero.  He is not a fighter or a killer with a gun.  He is a sackboy,what ever that is.  The game allows you to use your mind and actually create levels, something a video game has never done.  It allows you to use your mind and figure out game levels so you can share with your community.  the original game had 90 premade levels created by the creators.  By the time its sequel launced, there where over 2 milions levels created by regular users.  LittleBigPlanet 2 came out and top the charts in its first week out on sale.  The game is fun and it actually has a lot to offer.  It allows you to create your own levels and customize your sackboy.  I love it cause its just fun, and even my girlfriend loves it cause of its adorable nature.  ITs hard to find entertainment that you can enjoy with people all ages. LittleBigPlanet brings that o the table and changes the stereotypes of video games.  This video shows a user that made a level completely similar to the arcade game Pac man.

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