Little Red Riding Hood and a gun

For this blog post, I would like to speak about transmedia storytelling.  Like mention in various of other post, it happens when a group of people, mostly fans, come together and create their own variations of stories.  We have seen this with many stories in time and sometimes the content produced by the person inspired can surpass the original thought.

The one fairy tale that comes to my mind, though, that has been changed and played with so many times is none other then little red riding hood.  Of course it just had a movie, Red Riding Hood, but the twisting and turning for that character did not start their.  The video game company Capcom produced a series of games called Darkstalkers.  A very eventful and fun game, it basically was a fighting genre game that mixed different monsters from different franchises.  Among all of these characters, which included a werewolf, a swamp thing, and a vampire; Capcom decided to twist the story of little red riding hood, and make her a psycho killing machine.  The product was the infamous Baby Bonnie Hood, a.k.a B.B. Hood.  In here picnic basket, she carries machine guns and bottle rockets.

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