American Idol

After reading everyone else blogs about American Idol, I decided I would add to the conversation about product placement. I actually did know through my intro to marketing class about the (specifically) Coke product placement in American Idol. From day one the judges have those cups on their table always facing the cameras. I think the more interactive the medium becomes, the more advertisements have to be done within the content of the show itself. Since viewers have the option to change the channel during commercial(usually I do) or for people to have DVR they can choose to fast forward through the commercials. I remember a few years ago I flipped on American Idol and watched the final 12 or something like that singing some song about soap or something dressed as ducks…or something ridiculous along those lines. Not being an steady AI follower it turned me off because basically, I thought it was corny. Now I realize that’s where they get their advertising money. They have to resort to this form of advertising because all the new technology creates ways of “tuning out” during commercials defeating the purpose of the advertisement.

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