Transmedia Storytelling

I was thinking about the presentations from the other class and I was talking to my mom about the Matrix and all of the different things that we would have known if we did more than just watch the movies.  I was trying to think of another example to write about and my sister reminded me about “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.”  “Buffy” started out as a movie that didn’t really do too well but then they developed it into a TV show that lasted seven seasons and included a spin off.  There were also two video games that had tie ins to the show but you didn’t need to know things from the show to understand what was happening in the game.  One of the games even had a unlockable comic book prequel to lend background information to the player.  After the series ended the writer decided to keep the story going in comic book/animated series form.  There are also spin offs from the show in comic book form that focus on other main characters instead of just Buffy.  I don’ t know if I would call this a successful transmedia storytelling example, but it is an example of how one story can expand to different media outlets and reach different people.

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