Semester Projects 2011

For the Love of Love

For the past few months, I have been writing about love, being single, relationships, break ups, dating, and everything in between. My blog, “For the Love of Love, ” assesses the good and the bad sides of romance and gives advice to women. I present my take on common issues that they may deal with when searching for, or, holding onto, love. Typically my posts tackle obstacles that most women encounter in love, but occasionally I write about lighter topics such as things that I love, romantic traditions around the world, and date night activities.  Every week I also choose a romantic movie to showcase.

Many of my topics are inspired by my own experiences or by those of friends. I sometimes even receive emails or comments that ask me to write about certain things, such as how to deal with a painful breakup or lying. I typically write a new post every other day to keep my viewers interested. My favorite posts are those that generate discussion amongst viewers.  I would have to say that a few of my most controversial posts have been “Unofficially Official”, about women who are strung along by men who never let them know their relationship status, and “Under Wraps”, which is about men who only date in private.

My blog has posts and photographs down the center of the page and I have little blurbs surrounding them that give viewers a better idea of who I am and how they can interact with the blog.  I have comment spaces under each post as well as a Love, Like or Dislike sections.  I have a new poll every week pertaining to questions of love that viewers can vote on, whether or not they subscribe to the blog.  There is an area that introduces me as well as one that has contact information for viewer submissions.  I also added a tab that allows people to receive email notifications when there are new posts.  The bottom of the page has a listing of  the most popular posts for the week and there is a section with links to related blogs, both my own and those of fellow bloggers, that my viewers may also enjoy. There is also an archive of old posts that people can access.  I set it up so that people who see my blog can contribute and give feedback, whether or not they actually create an account and subscribe.  So far, I have a number of followers and get hundreds of views per day. There is a “Views” tab on my page that keeps track of the number of views and organizes them into the day, week, month and the total time that my blog has been up. As of now, I have an average of 300 views per day.

I think that I am going to continue writing the blog even after the class ends.  I enjoy talking about things that I think so many women think about but never really have an outlet to express themselves in, or are too afraid to publicize their thoughts. For me, this blog has been a way to express my own opinion and divergent voice regarding love.  Though people may disagree with my posts, it’s always helpful to hear what others have to say.  I hope that those who read my blog have been able to get something out of it, whether that be knowing that they are not alone in their thoughts by agreeing with me, or finding their own voice by contradicting me.

Here is the site! Enjoy!

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