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On The Media: FacebookISTAN

By Francesca Savella:

This Saturday’s NPR was so relevant in terms of its ability to create, maintain, distort, and even end our relationships with others over social media like Facebook. It is in fact its own country; a cyber land where we both create and maintain an alternate reality different from how we may present ourselves on a regular basis out of this country know as Facebookistan. During the podcast, the ¬†hosts discussed how the powers of social media have both started and lead revolutions, wars, and in some cases ended them too. It has the ability to reach far past an isolated group of people but more so has the power to reach past its own internet server and soar to all other media engines spreading messages, concerns, ideas, and impressions.

I think back to the NPR statement regarding the power of the “like” on Facebook as it pertained to our past class conversations on how that “like” has such intrinsic value dependent on how we feel if someone does or doesn’t agree, emphasize, or enjoy what we may do. I find that in many circumstances today through Facebook, we “like” what other people comment on because of the positive interpersonal effects we feel as an outcome. Based on the comments of the “On The Media” hosts, it seems as though the Facebook “like” has the power to persuade as well and thus lead persuasion to revolution and revolution to the mainstreaming of ideas led by an individual or core group of people.

In “real world” application, relevant to the events of this evenings Superbowl, the power of comment and “likes” is what persuaded and encouraged the commenting of many people who very well didn’t have a connection to the game, teams, or sport in general. We comment and “like” to fit in or go against mainstream ideology; either way we utilize an engine like Facebook to showcase our feelings, to express our individuality and to foster personalities that are unlike who we may be outside of the territory of Facebookistan.

The hardest question to answer is determining¬†how we escape…

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