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The Facebook show response

After listening to this weeks on the media I can agree with what they were talking about Facebook On the media.  Facebook has become something that really surrounds the lives of its users.  Saying that Facebook is its own country is in some way true.  People that actually participate in Facebook truly believe that the more friends that they gain on Facebook, the better they will feel about themselves.  Facebook has become almost like a virtual world where many people that aren’t good at socializing with people around them can go and comment or like things that other people upload or write.  Something else that Facebook has done is change the way that we meet new people.  For instance if you go and meet someone at a party and all you get is there name, later on when you get back to your computer you can friend request that person and try to become closer with that person.  So not only is it a place where you can communicate with your friends, you can start relationships from just getting the person’s name.  Also by seeing some of the things that a certain person likes, you are now able to compare it to what you like and see if you and this other person have any similarities.  Facebook gives someone the ability to see what the persons favorite sports team is or what their favorite movie is.  Facebook in itself has in a way become this country with close to a billion users.  It will be interesting to see how Facebook will manage to keep up with the people so that it doesn’t become another Myspace or Friendster.

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