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What’s Acceptable in Public

After listening to this week’s “On the Media” podcast, the titled section that solely caught my attention was “Defending the First Amendment Right to Profanity”. The first thing I found interesting about the entire situation, was how certain people, especially celebrities, can act in public. I understand the use of swear words, for I am not one to be a purist when I speak, however, if I were to have the public eye on me, I don’t think I would be able to act the way some of the celebrities find acceptable. I think MIA “flipping the bird” at the superbowl, was truly inappropriate, but that’s totally besides the point. 


It’s extremely interesting to me how our society and media has found something so profane such as saying “F*ck You” in public an okay thing to accept. There are many actions done in a public forum that I have heard people say is disturbing, disgusting, and believe to be unacceptable, and yet saying “F*ck You” isn’t one of them? I believe the brutality or the potency of the use of this word is ridiculous. In my opinion it’s not even something that should be used in a household with parental units presents, but yet it’s okay for someone to say in public to complete strangers. I mean clearly the statement is just a phrase, and not all people use this as a statement of argument or fighting, but I do believe many people abuse the use of this word and the first amendment rights.


 Having the freedom of speech is something someone should respect as a way to be able to express themselves freely in order to justify there views on certain things, or explain how they feel about situations, but using it to swear at a football game against fans of the opposite team is a little extreme. I do not believe the man in question should be arrested for his offense, but I do admit that I think the acceptance or approval of this phrase in public should decline. It should not be okay for anyone to use such a phrase. People complain about violence in video games, the way people act on twitter or facebook, or how celebrities act in public, but they ignore the use of this phrase being somewhat of a problem. The way our youth and even adults communicate in our current society is much less proper than in past decades and I think that our media and society should take a look at this, and understand that, being lenient about something as mundane as swear words can ultimately lead to a society of acceptance towards other issues. 

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