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Lin Post

As an avid viewer of Sportscenter I looked forward to this week’s on the media as a reprieve from “Linsanity” maybe that was too much to ask for. The story about Jeremy Lin’s race, a strange focus to the popular story. I don’t see very many stories about his race, though you can always count on a cut to Taiwan or China Town during Knicks games now. I’m confused why NPR cited Floyd Mayweather’s twitter account. I’m sure if one took a second look at his account you would find much more offensive tweets then his regarding Lin.

I’m a little disappointed that they did not touch on the effect of new media on these new athlete obsessions. I think the biggest factor in the fandemonium is twitter. It seems like every athlete that ever played professionally has a twitter account from which they tweet exclusively about sports. This is not necessarily a bad thing to have so many “experts” giving input, however when a story that everyone agrees with arrives then twitter, espn, and sports sections across the nation turn into one giant echo chamber. Everyone is saying “have you heard about this amazing player Lin?” and answering, “Yeah Lin is awesome!”

Don’t get me wrong Jeremy Lin is awesome. It’s an awesome story. He is an awesome player. However, the story is too big. I don’t like these huge stories that over saturate, but it’s something I think I better get used to them because they aren’t going anywhere.

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