“Hey kids…”

Hey kids! This is your Poppa at 22 yrs old. Signed, Your Dad.

Hey kids,

About a week ago, I had the brilliant idea to give you visual and signed proof that I was once a young adult. I know I’m probably giving you a hard time (about your homework or something) and you think I’m such a square, but I was once where you were.

In between chain-smoking cigarettes (yes, your Dad, is a smoker) and grinding my teeth into dust, I spend my time wondering what my Dad was like when he was my age. Was he more laid back? Did he smoke less cigarettes? Was he drinking as much as I am? I wonder what gave him the thousand yard stare he has at the dinner table. Would we even get along if we were around at the same time?

Anyway, I took this picture and I’m writing this post so you won’t sit around and wonder what I was like. Through the magic of the Internet and social media sites like Facebook and Twitter (hopefully these are still around by the time you read this), I could carefully plan out these years so you’ll have a digital scrapbook to flip through once you’re old enough.

Here in the 2010s, we’re right in the middle of this dilemma of what to/what not to share on the Internet. There are plenty of people younger than I am right now who share a little bit too much without thinking and there are people who are completely disconnected from the whole thing.

I’ll admit, I love being connected to these websites because it makes me feel more important than I actually am. Every couple of months I delete, or just neglect, my Facebook profile because I think that I don’t want any part of it. But, that’s not the truth.

Through the permanent nature of the Internet, social media websites, and blogs I feel like I can create a “road map” of my life for you guys. One of the greatest things about the Internet is that it’s essentially one huge folder I can put all this stuff into. I don’t need to pay for it (I hope I won’t need to by the time you kids read this) and I can post whatever I want without fear of being censored (I also hope I won’t have to deal with censorship by the time you read this).

And I think this is, easily, the most responsible way I could use the Internet.


Your Dad (At 22-yrs-old)


  1. All I’d like to say is: thank you for this. We forget that one day we, too, will be the nostalgic generation whose definition of ‘modern’ is completely different and, yes, old. Long gone.

  2. So yeah, I’m going to follow the trend of the million other people who tell you this daily but- YOU ARE A HIPSTER. No but seriously (lol). This was an amazing concept and blog. I found this so interesting and such a good idea. I would have loved to see what my parents would have said or done at 22 if they had made a similar blog. I think this taps into the technology we have today versus what they had then. I mean obviously we are much more capable to archive our lives, or sequence them, but younger generations now are capable of even more. I can only imagine what will be when I have kids. I just need to tell you this blog totally inspired me, and I plan to do something similar, hope you don’t mind, so as Marina said I guess my main point in thank you!

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