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This weeks On the Media podcast was very interesting. There were many topics discussed that caught my attention, or made me think. The one that made me really sit back and think the most was “The Strong Case of Linsanity”

Now looking at Jeremy Lin, and “Linsanity”. I think this entire podcoast was very interesting. In another class I am taking, we have been discussing the ethics of the media covering this “phenomenon” as I’ll call it. It is oh so interesting to me that having a Harvard grad who is asian make so much noise in the NBA. I mean of course it’s going to stir up some controversy, but really? This is absolutely insane. I am not a huge fan of the NBA, it’s not something I ever really got interested in watching, but after hearing all of this “nonsense” about Jeremy Lin, I kind of actually want to tune in and watch. Lin has taken audiences and basketball fans by storm. I think writing this from a non-basketball loving perspective can make things much different. I’m solely writing this from a race perspective. Now, if this athlete had been black or white, would he have so much air time? Or would as many people care? I am not one to say, but I think this can bring arguments into Lin’s playing time. From what I’ve heard he’s a pretty good player, but does his “likable”, “popular” factor play a role in his playing time? If this player had been black or white graduating from Harvard, would he be playing as much, getting as much coverage? I just find it so interesting that a simple change of race has brought so much attention to one thing. However, I don’t believe that the attention brought upon this because of the fact that he is asian, is bad. I think in many cases, stereotypes of race can be negative, especially reflecting asian people, but I think this sheds a positive light on the race. I have not heard a single negative stereotype about Lin, or a reflection of him against a negative stereotype. I think the whole Linsanity thing is just so different from something I’ve ever been a part of experiencing. I am just on my toes to see how and what the media will cover next. 

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