Non-Mainstream Journalism

Looking through Non-Mainstream Journalism links and also reading through Christinas post I clicked on “The Village Voice.” I also noticed the same thing that she did. Not only was I bypassing important news links I went straight to the first one because the word that caught my eye was “vagina.” Yes, maybe that’s a bit immature but I was curious as to what they had to said about “forcibly wanding women’s vaginas.” I call this a creative title because it makes reader go directly to your story.
Reading on at article titles I noticed that many of these articles were in fact mainsteam. There was an article about M.I.A and Adele giving the middle finger during moments of entertainment, “Preventing Tomorrows Hangover,” and many articles about the upcoming Oscars which to me seems very mainstream.
I would have to agree with Christina that the reason why I care more about celebrity news than real news is because of fear. Fear and doubt. As an audience we are only reading, seeing and hearing things that are put towards us. Sometimes I find certain pieces of news hard to believe. I hate hearing about people being killed its just a harsh reality that unfortunately I don’t think I’m ready to venture into quite yet.

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