Semester Projects 2012

In Order to Form a More Perfect…Blog?

So, for my Semester Project, I’ve decided to undertake the job of reorganizing the blog.  I can’t stand clutter and disorganization, and I think this blog is suffering greatly from it.  My overall goal is to change the blog so it is not only organized, but more user friendly.  I would love to add some sort of background actually having to do with media and what our class is all about.  Now, I am not as skilled in HTML as I was in my livejournal/myspace days, but hopefully it is like riding a bike.  I also want to center the whole blog and create some interesting way to display the title, Convergent Media, Divergent Voices.  I plan to archive all of the blog posts, at this point probably by month and year, but depending on the content of all the posts I may categorize further.  Also, I think it would be a good idea to make a separate archive section strictly for blogs talking about semester project proposals, and any blog based projects.  I also would like to do something about the right hand column links to organize them further and perhaps add some new ones.  

Although the above is subject to change, I hope to begin by archiving the blog posts, as I believe this will take the most time.  Then I plan to move on to the links and lastly, the background and layout.  I am completely open to ideas from everyone for any suggestions about how to improve our blog, so feel free!

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  1. YES!!!! Love every one of these ideas, Christina. We’ll talk about it more in class, but I agree that archiving should probably be the first step.

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