Semester Projects 2012

Semester Project Proposal: Identifying “Identity” at Manhattanville

Sarah C and myself will be joining forces to complete our semester project regarding the exploration and discussion of identity at Manhattanville. With the incorporation of topics that range from race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, class, and gender Sarah and I will be creating a digital scrapbook and interview series that outlines the identity of Manhattanville as told by the students.

We plan to interview between 15-20 students who are representative of the above classifications. Having created an interview prompt that follows a narrative approach, we will first ask the student(s) to talk about themselves (race, ethnicity, home life, etc). We will then ask the student(s) to begin discussing their experience at Manhattanville and how they identify themselves as a student here. We will ask students if their identity and “face”, which is an interpersonal communicative term that describes ones defining and changing interactions based on certain environments, is different at Manhattanville.

The overall purpose of this semester project is to expose the real identity of Manhattanville in proving that even as diverse of an institution we are in regards to the student population, all students are similar. We all experience the same stresses, joy, traditions, and connections. In proving this true, Sarah and I will move forward to address a bigger issue faced on campus; RESPECT. Respect for ourselves, and respect for each other. There is much segregation among students on campus even though comparably we are a very small college. Exposing students hesitation towards each other will pinpoint just where the root of the problem stems from regarding community at Manhattanville amongst students.


Francesca- I will play the role of the interviewer and main organizer of the project. Having written the proposal, I will first develop a series of interview questions. After both Sarah and I choose 15-20 students to interview, I will organize meeting times/dates and from there collect data and research on the specific students; their like, dislikes, quirks, etc. Using “new media” and social networking site Facebook we will collect general data that will be further developed upon the actual interview. Along with interviews I will be blogging about our experience with different students as well, recording the details of each interview and how we think they went.

Sarah- During each interview Sarah will use photography to capture the student questioned. Our aim here is to capture the essence of each student, what their identity is, what it mean to them. After all students have been interviewed and shot (I’m referring to a camera shot) we will create a digital scrapbook of our findings using new media.

While our presentation is of course subject to change, Sarah and I will be actively participating in the Interactive Expose of the Identity of the Manhattanville Student. (that’s our title!!)

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  1. As I said before, I’m on board with this. Try to spend the week you get back from Spring Break organizing the interviews, and I’ll look forward to hearing how it’s going!

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