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Anonymous Commenting

          You thought you were commenting anonymously but you were not.  The end of anonymous commenting means a lot to blogs in which authors write something that is very opinionated and critical.  Bloggers don’t always want what they say to be able to get back to them.  They want to voice their thoughts and opinions without potential reprimand.  The invention of an algorithm which analyzes word choice, punctuation and grammatical sentences and has a 20% chance of identifying the authors of written work is a powerful tool.  Oppressive governments like China can use this algorithm to identify any online dissenters and bring them up on criminal charges.

         On the internet today there is lots of hurtful blogging and commenting that has a negative impact on Americans’ mental states of being.  This algorithm creates accountability for online commentators who make malicious and provocative posts that incite other bloggers and those who are negatively mentioned in their anonymous comments.  This tool will make authors think twice about the topics they comment about and what they say in their comments.  Identifying anonymous commentators can be beneficial depending on the subject matter of the comments.  If comments of a very serious nature are being made it would be beneficial to find out who is making them.  This kind of accountability can prevent problems between bloggers from occurring or worsening.  I think this algorithm will benefit American society.  We live in an age of accountability and big brother is always watching.      

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