My blog experiment

Well, as embarrassing as it is to post this picture to our class blog, it is on facebook so I know most of my “friends” and the public has seen it, and for the sake of a good blog, I choice to add it for visual effect.

Now, when professor Proctor approached the class with the assignment of creating a small media based experiment, this picture slowly came to mind. Now, let me preface this blog with what was done and what media based outlet was used, so the class can understand better, how truly funny this was.

Basically, one night during summer, in the days when Chatroulette was popular(if some of you are unsure what this is, it is basically a website where you randomly video chat with people, who tend to be horny teenagers, or creepy old men. And now I know you’re wondering why I was on this website but it was, at one time, fun for college students) me and my friends decided to test something out. Now in most cases, the people on this website, were looking to talk and interact, I guess in some respects “sexually”, with people of the opposite sex. So we thought it would be funny, to make my body look basically how the media or society would deem as “good” or attractive, but make my face look awful (based off of the media’s idea of pretty of course). So I would start the chat out with a narrow shot of just my chest, or my body but not of my face. In most cases girls would respond by calling me a “slut”, while guys would respond and tell me it was “hott”. So to spice things or make them more interesting I would start dancing, still without showing my face, to see what people would say. The reactions we got were priceless, and in many aspects demeaning. But after dancing around in the camera, I would flash a shot of my face, pictured above. People on the site didn’t know what to do. We taped the reactions of people, and it was so funny to just watch how these people interact with me, before and after showing my face.

Now, actually looking at this whole idea, it was extremely humorous to do something like this, but in actuality it really made me think. Is society and the media really the demeaning? I mean people would tell me if I didn’t show them my face they still wanted to see my body, or they would instantly click the “next button” in order to reveal someone else.This is sad to me. It’s a good way to demonstrate how superficial someone can be. People donot understand what they say and how they act can have a long standing effect on someone. I am not the type of person to easily get offended or bothered by something like this, but someone could honestly be damaged by this. And of course people are going to say and act however they want, because it’s not an actual face-to-face interaction. I would really like to test another experiment of the same degree out and see what happened but who knows if I ever will. It’s just something that was interesting and went to show how society has really made it apparent that looking a certain way is important to people, and having a simple conversation with someone to getto the know the person on the in

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