Semester Projects 2012

Semester Project: Ready Player Two

Wow… This is a little late.

Anyway, my semester project will be soley based around video games. But I’ll mostly focus on video games as an art form. If I were to compare video games to candy apples, I’d say that the mainstream video games (such as Call of Duty, Battlefield 3, etc.) were the syrup that covered the beautiful fruit and the apple itself are all the independently released video games. But that’s a loose analogy, and I’d rather not delve into it.

There are plenty of independent, or “indie”, games that are released for free (or they use a “pay as much as you want” model) that include much more about life and human emotion. I decided to title my blog, “Ready Player Two” half influenced by the novel by Ernest Cline “Ready Player One” (which may have a whole post dedicated to it) and half influenced by the relationship between indie games and mainstream games. I’d say that indie games are overlooked much like the second player/character of video games.

You’ll be able to find the blog at: There aren’t any posts yet, but next week I have two blogs lined up for Tuesday (Part 1) and Thursday (Part 2).

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