Semester Projects 2012

Semester project

For our semester project Dominick and I would like to produce a short documentary.  The basis of the documentary would be considered a social project.  For those of you who don’t know Dominick and I are members of the Manhattanville college baseball team and we at times believe that there are stereotypes about athletes and non athlete students that are portrayed through the media.  Through this semester project Dominick and I planning on stepping out of the social norms here at Manhattanville by filming our journey to “the other side of flik”.  We will gather film from moving to different tables throughout flik to see what it is like from other students perspectives and see how other students will react to us joining them for a meal.  For the most part Dominick will be the one starting conversations and doing some interviewing while I try to film without anyone noticing.  In the beginning i will try to use my cell phone camera and see how that works for us.  We will move from week to week to a different table and collect film.  Once we get enough film and feel satisfied with our data we will begin to piece it all together into a short coherent documentary showing “the other side of flik”.

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