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I found this on Facebook (of course) and thought it was a must share with everyone. I’m not sure who this person is but what he says is so truthful. When I go through peoples statuses and comments they’re all depressed. “Nothing ever works out for me, My life sucks,” and I like I’m sure most of you are annoyed by these comments. I believe we are so lucky to live where we live and to have what we have, and constantly when I’m about to complain I remember that. Of course there are certain cases when I go on a rant, but it is when a rant is most needed!

This is what the photo says for those who cant see it at the bottom:

“Here we make shit up to be upset about like –

“how come I have to choose a language on the ATM machine, this is bullshit I shouldn’t have to choose a language, I’m American!”



  1. I definitely agree with what youre saying, and i think a core reason behind Americans’ bubble is because we are a very ethnocentric nation. Though we may read international reports, visit different places around the world, or meet people from different place, Americans distance themselves from global perspectives, because to Americans, if it doesn’t directly effct us than it doesnt really matter. Futhermore, even when gaining a worldly perspective, Americans contextualize an experience by making it about “us”. We are a “me” nation, we forget about others.

  2. That Louis CK. He’s the greatest, a descendent of George Carlin’s brand of political humor. Besides his standup work, he also has a show on cable, HBO I think.

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