Semester Projects 2012

Semester Project Update: 3.4.12

Last Friday,  March 30th, Sarah and I began to incorporate our interviewing questions as well as creating our photographic video montage. We were lucky enough to interview three different students, and gained perspective on all interviewed. Sarah and I interviewed basic info on students as well as there take on diversity Below are the students’ interviews:

Student: Easton Morris, From: Ivory Coast, Ethnicity: Black, African-American, Major: Human Resource Management, Activities: Manhattanville men’s Soccer, Member of Ping-Pong Club, Ametuer Video Produce, Future Aspirations: Sole proprietor, Entrapauner, Talent Agency, Interesting Fact: Writer (Published works found in Graffiti Magazine), Acrobat

Interview on Diversity: What does diversity mean to you? “I believe diversity is cultural and racial. It’s about being from different places around the world and having your own traditions.” Is manhattanville diverse? “yes, i would say so.” Have you found that it’s hard to be you at Manhattanville? “No. I think because I meet people right away who enjoyed the things I did like soccer, I found friends easily.” Do you know anyone who has had trouble fitting in at manhattanville? If so, why? “Yes, definitely. I think because people are maybe shy, or have a hard time getting to know others with similar interests makes it difficult to fit in and belong here. You need to find a group early here, otherwise you get left out.” What steps should Mville take to be a more accepting community? “I think during orientation, there needs to be seminars and workshops for people to get to know each other, we’re afraid of meeting different people.” Why? “Because it’s not comfortable, its intimidating.”

Student: Armani Blackmon, From: Plano, Texas, Ethnicity: Black, Major: Management & History, Activities: Manhattanville men’s basketball, Office Assistant Office of Campus Life, History Club President, S.I. American Sports History, Aspirations: Success in everything accomplished, Interesting Fact: Shy

Interview on Diversity: What does diversity mean to you? “It’s different cultural and ethnic groups coming together as one community. Socially, academically, environmentally, one.” Is Manhattanville diverse? “Manhattanville is definitely diverse. There are people from many countries, nationalities, ethnic groups, cultures all together.” Have you found it’s hard to be you at manhattanville? “No, I believe I fit in perfectly here.” Do you know anyone who has had a hard time fitting in at Manhattanville? “Yea, I do… and they’re not here anymore.” Why are people on this campus hesitant of accepting others at this college? “Because students are used to experiencing new things; people, places, classes, etc. It’s hard to get used to change…” What steps does manhattanville need to take to be more diverse and aware? “I think people arleady do here. I guess people just need to overall broaden their horizons, and open up more.”

Student: Kelli Hyjek, Location: Tolland, Connecticut, Ethnicity: White (Irish, German, Polish), Major: Communication Studies, Activities: Manhattanville Women’s Basketball, Percussion Ensemble, Touchstone, WMVL Radio, Assistant in Athletics Office, Aspirations: Sportscaster at ESPN, Interesting Fact: “Recycling Queen”, Percussion musician (mainly drummer)

Interview on Diversity: What does diversity mean to you? “A bunch of different cultures all in the same area. Different types of people with there own ways of doing things.” Is Manhattanville diverse? “I guess so. we have a lot of international students here, which helps bring multiple cultures together.” Do you think it’s hard to be you at Manhattanville? “My Freshman year, kind of. I struggled to fit in, but then realized that I didn’t have to try to fit in. I realized I could have “outside” friends who weren’t athletes. I think [realizing that] is why I’ve enjoyed Mville so much.” Was it hard coming to that realization? “Well obviously when you first get here you want to be with and hang out with your teammates, but then i realizing that being a jock wasn’t all that i wanted to be, and then i was ready to make friends with other people who understood me.” What are people’s hesitations at Mville towards accepting each other? “Uh because people suck. That’s like the question why don’t athletes hang out with non-athletes here, and I think it’s stupid. I guess they’re scared. I don’t really know, because that’s not me. A friend is a friend.”

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