My new Iphone

So, going off my clear interest in the first cell phone this week, I decided I’d make my “media blog” about getting my Iphone. Now, I understand this probably sounds like a very mundane boring topic to blog about because almost everyone in our class has an Iphone, but my experience with activating mine was, of course, not something simple. So I went to Verizon to get my new phone, and use my upgrade, and directly following with the description of an Android, the Verizon employee proceeded to tell me how much of a “tech junky” he was and why the Android was awesome. And normally, I would take interest into something else, if not every single person I came in contact with on a daily basis didn’t have an Iphone, and if I didn’t love apple products, so basically everything he said about Androids sounded like the teachers in Charlie Brown movies, “wah wann wamp wahh”. (That was the best way I could to think to spell that). I waiting patiently for him to finish then I continued to tell him how I simply just wanted the Iphone. He got the phone, and activated it for me, blah blah blah, same old story, you’d think. BUT, as soon as I left the store I had about a billion and one issues in activating the phone, and the “tech junky” clearly had no idea what he was doing. I spent three hours trying to figure it out! Finally after figuring out what I needed to and playing with my new phone, I was super excited. But, it got me thinking. How great can technology be? When I was trying to figure out how to activate my phone, it took me about 4 hours just to try one thing, and another 2 to google things that no one truly new the answer too. My explanation for my trip to the Verizon store was a little of a  dragged out introduction, but I just really couldn’t believe how terrible it was trying to set up something that it suppose to be this great piece of technology, something I believe to be a great piece of technology. The more advancements we make in technology, obviously the harder these things are going to be to use, but I just wonder how much harder these phones  can become and how much would people actually want to keep using them?

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