Semester Projects 2012

Semester Project – Advertising – Update

So I began filming for my semester project! I used my mom’s small digital camera which initially seemed like a good idea however I found myself having to walk all the way back home every time the memory was full.  I did though get a lot of filming in of different ads be them on cabs, billboards, telephone booths etc.  Just on ONE side of the avenue there were about 6-8 ads which i stopped and filmed each for a few seconds, not to mention all the other advertising.  I walked from my place to just outside grand central filming all the ads but I’m planning on coming back soon to continue filming inside grand central and maybe film the ads on my way back in the subway to my home..  I’m still a bit unsure of how to contract the video but I’m first focussing getting the footage first and then edit everything together.. All in all I like how its coming along!! and I’m excited to continue the process… I also noticed that there were about 2 or 3 ads that I saw at least 10 times on my way to grand central … anyways I’ll keep my updates on the project coming. peace!

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