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I’m not sure if anyone else has done this, but I just clicked on the stats section on my dashboard (it’s the graph looking thing in the gray bar on top of the screen). It’s really interesting. If you havn’t checked it out I suggest you pull it up, right after you read my post.

The stats section shows you a bar graph of the most veiwed days (March 27th 2012). It shows you how people found the site on any given day. On March 27th the search terms were mostly Santorum, Deathstyle, and Gay. So I think we should all give a hand to Francesca for her post Someone Tell Me This Man is Kidding. 

Along with giving Franceca a hand I think we should give all current blog contributers, aka our class, because we are kicking butt. We have posted the most veiwed month by far (March) aswell as the second (April) and third (February). So congradulations us. Keep up the good work.

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