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Smoking Ads, there not graphic enough.

Smoking advertisements.. are they getting a bit to graphic? Tips from former smokers is a foundation that is aimed towards young people to show them what rare things have happened to former smokers and why they should quit. This is the first time that the federal government is running a nationwide campaign showing the “reality of the disease and disfigurement” that can happen to smokers. By doing this, they hope to help smokers quit. Bob Garfield stated that there is a belief that when you show a smoker dead, or a statistic of dead smokers it may not resonate with the viewer as hard. This is an interesting hypotheses because many Americans have that complex “nothing bad will ever happen to me.”

I feel like a commercial showing someone dying is more believable than showing someone who lost 4 fingers. I know people that have died from smoking related complications, I do not know anyone that has lost 4 fingers, therefore, Id probably believe that I’d die before I’d lose 4 fingers. However, I see nothing wrong with these advertisements. Yes, when I watch them I get creeped out but it makes me wonder. I do not smoke anything now, nor have I ever, so if I get creeped out by these advertisements than I wonder how smokers react to them. I do believe that some smokers think nothing bad will ever happen to them. After all, if they truly believed they would get lung cancer or lose a finger, than why would they keep up with such a nasty habit?

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  1. I think you’re right in the idea that some smokers don’t think they’ll ever get hurt by anything. There are some that I’ve met that use the excuse, “I can quit whenever I want.” My friends and I are all smokers, and it’s weird. We all know the consequences of it, but we do it anyway. We know it’s not cool, it doesn’t add to your social status, it’s just something we all started doing at a younger age. It’s totally fucked up, ‘cos it definitely is gross. But it’s something we all choose to do.
    On the topic of your blog post however, I think these smoking ads are WAY too graphic. They’re disgusting, not in the sense that what I’m seeing grosses me out (even though it does) it’s just I don’t like the use of “scare tactics” in order to make someone not want to do something. Some of us that do smoke know exactly what might happen to us because of it, but it’s hard to quit. It’s one of the few things I haven’t been able to stop doing because it’s so addictive.

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