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Trayvon, Florida Law, and diversity in the Newsroom

I don’t want to get too far in to the whole Trayvon situation but I did want to speak a little about the florida law that they have. What I’ve heard is that in Florida if someone appears to be threatening you or on the verge of attacking you, you could kill them. The crazy part is, is that you do not actually have to prove they were going to attack you, or that you were in danger? Trayvon Martin, unarmed teenager was referred to as the “all american boy” with a bag of skittles in his pocket. He was shot and killed by the neighborhood watch captain, George Zimmerman. So basically what I’m wondering is why a neighborhood watch captain is allowed to carry a gun in a gated community. I don’t understand, why anyone should need to carry a gun when they are patrolling in a GATED COMMUNITY! Moving on, why did he, an older man, feel threatened by an unarmed 17 year old boy? Obviously this case is tricky and every day there is new information and new peculiarities coming out. What I found that was interesting was the NPR’s comparison of this case to the Sean Bell case that happened in New York, years ago. This was actually the first thing I thought about when I heard the Trayvon case because in the Sean Bell scenario he was a black male shot by a white person, and in this case the white person was a cop. Of course Al Sharpton (the most annoying man in the world) was automatically involved in that case as well.

This topic of diversity in the newsroom was mentioned a few different times in this NPR podcast and I also was intrigued by this. Shouldn’t the newsroom always be diverse? Shouldn’t the newsroom always remain without bias? Isn’t there anyone that Americans can trust to give us news without having to question it. I know for me, I go to the news to find the truth, I don’t go to the news to have to google and research other possible outcomes to the situation and get other possibly opinions. I just want the facts. Why is that so hard?

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