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A Ugandan Response to KONY 2012

A group of local journalist released a You-tube video in response to KONY 2012. Although this video did not get as many views as KONY 2012 did–the group prefers a few viewers interested in the truth rather than millions enthused by a lie.

This video aims for people outside of the Uganda to not only focus on capturing Kony but also the victims of the war, what they’re struggling with, and they’re future. The Ugandan people have other serious problems in education and health that the world can seriously help with. They fear that similar to most, once this war has ended organizations will pack their bags and go and forget that people are left to pick up the pieces.

I honestly do not blame contributor, Rosebell Kagumire for feeling a certain a way about Invisible Children. It is sad that the people who could afford to tell the story choose to tell it the wrong way. Rosebell wants to call the correct attention to the actual problems of Northern Uganda. I feel that many people get caught up in these “fads” and get enthused by helping out a cause for a while and sooner or later the same people forget what they were even fighting for and move on to the next thing that people deem to be important or novel in some way.

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