Reflection on the semester

After handing in all the papers, finishing all of my finals, and saying goodbye to all of my professors. I find myself here, on the class blog. Looking through all of our posts on Kony, Facebook, our semester projects, and The Wisdom of Crowds made me realize something about the blog. And like most of my posts, this is about the journey not the destination. So if you’re itching to know what I realized then just scroll all the way down.

At the beginning of the semester, I remember telling my friends about this class. “Yeah, so I blog and listen to podcasts.” I would say and they would reply, “Don’t you do that anyway?” I know my posts throughout the semester have been few and far between, but I’d like to think that they were good for what they were. I remember reading through the blog and listening to On The Media every week, I remember looking forward to meeting every week just for the class discussions.

The weird thing is this; I don’t know when I became so comfortable and so pumped about coming to class and hearing what other people had to say. I’ll be honest, I generally don’t like meeting new people. I’m old enough to know who my friends are and who they aren’t. So, for the most part, I try not to interact with anyone. Inside or outside of class.

But the blog did something for the class that I didn’t realize until the end. In a way, the blog brought all of us together. All of us visited the blog weekly, we all listened to the same podcast, and we put a little bit of ourselves in each of our posts. The blog brought us together as buddies. I’m pretty sure there was a definitive moment when the class went from being “just another class” to a “class with a bunch of people who actually liked each other.”

In retrospect, it’s funny to think that our homework is what brought us together as a class. Watching all of the semester project presentations was great; simply because I cared about the projects and the people that put them together. The blog helped round out the “learning experience” as well as build a foundation for all of us in the class to get to know each other.

Out of everything that we learned and talked about this semester, I think writing on the blog was the most rewarding part of the class. We made friends, we wrote really good posts, and we expressed ourselves. And isn’t that what matters?

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