In Response to Zady Smith’s Generation Why?

I honestly believe that the creation of Facebook as a social media network in many ways has become an advantage and disadvantage from many different perspectives. In a way it has become an advantage for those who need to get in contact with friends, family, classmates, co-workers, etc. As a social media network I believe that it has probably become one of the biggest mediated forms of connection on the web, and has impacted society with the use of technology and the modern age. What I mean by this is remember how Facebook was only allowed to have college students as its users. At that time that was pretty much when it had just started when its designers referring to the Harvard students preferred it to only be in such form, meaning only used by college students. Now were they really expecting it to get as big as it is now maybe yes maybe no. But it certainly went from being a college user site, to becoming open to anyone no matter what age, and no actually has games, advertising, publishing, announcements etc. It has become apart of technology such as an application on devices such as the Iphone, Ipad, Android phones, etc. The form of communication on cell phones, and computers have tagged along together to provide communication for its users anywhere, at anytime. Questions, invitations, relationships, friendships, or arguments have all being seen throughout the network but at the same time a higher standard as an advantage has slowly but surely become a disadvantage or an issue for some such as Zadie Smith. After reading the article it seems as if she really hated Facebook. She compares the generation of a 1.0 user to a 2.0 and her main concern after reading the article and relating it to the title “Generation Why” is basically implying that why use Facebook. What good does it give any of us? Is it really worth using? This idea was stupid of these Harvard Kids. Facebook is a waste of time. I personally felt as if that is what Smith was thinking. At the same time she portrayed her thoughts and feelings from many different perspectives which made me understand what she exactly was trying to say. After I deleted my Facebook account my sophmore year I feel as if it has become a problem to my 5 year relationship, distraction for my academics, and has created problems in some other ways. I also think Smith’s thoughts and belief’s touch up the right things about the social network but at the same time there’s a cause and effect for every bit of it whether it’s good or bad it has improved the lives of others but at the same time has destroyed many.


  1. I agree with the two analysis so far, but would like to expand. Like most things in the world, it is not the ‘thing’ that is the problem, it is the people who use it (in the case of facebook). This technology has had many positive effects in the lives of users, yet has also had many detremental effects. Social media has better allowed users to find jobs, connect with old friends, find lost family, stay in touch with friends, etc. Ofcourse there have also been many negative points as well. The interenet as we know it today gives us a freedom that past generations did not have. We are free to access the entire world and a wealth of knowledge in the span of seconds. However, with all freedom comes responsibility. Maybe it is poor thinking to believe that citizens of the world can use a product without negative consequence. Maybe that is not the case and they did have the foresight to see what would come if it. In either case, the important thing is that we as individuals are responsible and accountable for our use of facebook, social media and life in general. It is much easier to change oneself than to change the world. Even those who still want to change the world would be best served to start with themselves. That is why i respect the above users comments about deleting facebook due to it making her life unmanageable. There is much more to come in the era of facebook and social media and time will tell if the overwhelming majority or the results are positive or negative for people and society. I do agree with Smith and her analysis of this topic, but I also believe there is more to it, which is why I have interjected my opinion about personal accountability/responsibility. Social media can be a benefit to ones life, but that is not always the case, as we have seen.

  2. I agree with you on facebook being an advantange to people because its a way to stay connected. However, after reading Smith’s article I realized that there are other mediums besides Facebook in which you could communicate or cotact others. As Smith said “The last defense of every Facebook addict is: but it helps me keep in contact with people who are far away,” this was my excuse, until she mentioned that there are other ways of communicating, such as email or skype. This is when I realized that I was using “the last defense of every Facebook addict” and that you don’t need facebook to stay connected.

  3. I do agree with everyone about the fact that Facebook is a great way for people to stay connected, but there are also a lot of other ways to stay connected. Yes Facebook is great, but realistically (or at least in my opinion) it causes a lot more negatives than it does positives. Maybe I’m old fashion, but I’d rather talk to my friends on the phone or in person. Facebook has also opened up a new place to bully people I completely agree with your statement, ” I also think Smith’s thoughts and belief’s touch up the right things about the social network but at the same time there’s a cause and effect for every bit of it whether it’s good or bad it has improved the lives of others but at the same time has destroyed many.” For me you hit e nail on head. I cant say I had positives effects from Facebook that’s why I no longer have one. I think the essay touches on great points, like how your account never really gets deleted which freaks me out, especially since I’d like for the chapter of my life to go away.

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