Generation Why? by Zadie Smith

To me Zadie Smith’s article was very interesting; it helped me realize who I really am as a person, and who am I? am I my own person, or am I an influence of somebody else’s personality?

After reading “Generation Why” I realize that we are becoming more and more dependent on other’s thoughts and beliefs, our ideas no longer seem our own and are shared with the whole world.  The idea suggested by Smith that our own thoughts are not private, scares me, because I never really thought about it that way, is as if when I am on Facebook I am subconsciously sharing my life with others, some of who I don’t know, but yet are my friends on Facebook.

People are constantly writing on their Facebook what they do, who they are with or where they are, is as if people want to be stalked or followed, this truly bothers me, but I sometimes find myself doing it. What it comes down to is that you want people to like you and know what you do. I feel like privacy has slowly disappeared, it no longer exists. Smith helped me tap on my subconscious; how can you be your own person if we are sharing our lives with others?

Not only has Facebook become a public site for distribution of personal information, but it has also become some sort of competition on who is liked more than who. “What is your relationship status? (Choose one. There can be only one answer. People need to know.) Do you have a “life”? (Prove it. Post pictures.) Do you like the right sort of things? (Make a list. Things to like will include: movies, music, books and television, but not architecture, ideas or plans.” To me this quote by Smith is very true; Facebook has become a medium in which we use to inform others on how you want to be perceived; by showing people our statuses, likes, dislikes and interests. We want to be liked, we want to be cool and we want other’s to think so.

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