Generation Why? – Zadie Smith

After reading the article Generation Why? By Zadie Smith, I realized there are other people who feel the way I do about Facebook. I wonder why are some so addicted to this social network? Why is it that people are constantly on Facebook whether it be through their cell phone, iPad, laptop, etc. Facebook is everywhere you go. It started off as a social network made for college students to connect with one another, now it has expanded to much more then only that. Everyone has Facebook today. Young children, teens, parents and even grandparents are up to date with this social network, and I can’t help but to ask why? There are several pros and cons to Facebook, but it seems that doesn’t stop anyone from being apart of this social rage.

Facebook is a good way for people to connect with friends and family members they do not get to see or talk to on a regular basis. It keeps you in contact with them where ever you may be. You can create events on Facebook and voice your opinion on something you want to make known to others.

On the other hand, Facebook can cause many problems for people. It can ruin friendships and personal lives of people. No matter how much you make your profile private, people are still able to access it and I think that is was some fail to understand, a lot of the time, when you go to apple for a job, they look at your Facebook so they can see who you really are. Another aspect of Facebook is that users want to let people know what they are doing every second of the day. They post places they go and what their plans are for the day, their life becomes an open book. There is no more privacy.

Although Facebook appears to be harmless, it can have many negative down falls to it. I’ve heard more people and more people deactivated their Facebooks because they do not want any part of it. Although they deactivate it, your information is still there and does not go away. Young kids do not understand the consequences they get testing themselves into when they sign up for Facebook. They only see The fun in it and do not realize the harm it can cause.

I can agree with what Zadie Smith says about Facebook, I think she makes some valid points and her reading made me realize even more the truth about Facebook.

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