Generation Why?

After reading “Generation Why?” a lot of different thoughts had come to mind, some of which were actually very scary, and realistic due to todays society that we live in.  Also after having a conversation about this article in class it made me think a lot about the world we live in and how we communicate with one another.  It’s amazing how in today’s world we socialize and stay in touch with the world around us and people we know through social networks such as facebook, and twitter.  I personally do not have a twitter account, and really don’t want one, but I do of course like most people of my generation have a facebook account.

This article made me realize that my generation really has no culture and that culture will keep getting less, and less involved in our lives as technology and the social networks keep evolving.  So many kids these days don’t even know how to communicate interpersonally, and don’t want to show emotion to anyone because they really don’t need to.  A quick text, or facebook message is an easier way for many people to communicate with their social group, because they don’t need to show emotion, and saying something to someone through a piece of technology can be so much easier.

It’s scary to think that so many people today don’t even know how to interact with the human society because they have been taught to just tweet, or text their thoughts on a social network.  This world that we live in is becoming scarcely not interpersonal, and social skills are being lost which is such an important part of a persons life, it’s actually really sad.  The fact that we are becoming such an uncultured society is scary but true, and who knows where technology and the social network world will be in a few years, and throughout my generations lifetime.

Getting a communications degree used to be a degree of interpersonal social ability, which taught people how to talk and communicate with people interpersonally, and even on a mass basis among many people such as giving a speech to a big corporation. Today it’s really a degree in the media field and teaches people how to blog and communicate through an online world of social networks.  It’s just interesting how much the practice of communications is changing, and it’s due to the fact that our society is becoming so involved in the social media, and because culture has become all about the social media.

The scariest part of this article and what we talked about in class is that when you sign up for a free social network like facebook or twitter, you just gave away your own right to privacy.  It’s so scary that anything you search on google or look up on facebook is no longer private information, and that many different company’s and sites get your private information in order to send you advertisements, or anything that may relate to yourself.  Anything one does on the Internet is out there and can be traced forever, and really anything that is on the Internet or the social media is there forever, and will never be private.  People have to think a lot about what they put on the internet or there social network accounts, because anything stupid can really come back to hurt them.  It’s scary to think but it’s the world we live in, and the price we pay for staying in touch with anyone across the world for free.  I feel that if people knew their lives were no longer going to private once they sign up for an account on a site like facebook, in todays world and in my generation people would still be wiling to sign up anyways, including probably myself because I’ve become so accustom to having facebook be a part of my life, and a part of my socialization.

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  1. Just finished watching Sunday Night Football on NBC. This has nothing to do with ‘Generation Y’, but I don’t know how to create a new post.Anyway, just wanted to put some food for thought out there. I found it fascinating how often social media is present throughout the broadcast; including during commercials. Twitter has been woven into the fabric of all mediums. This validates the title of this course and in turn makes me aware of just how much the world has changed in respects to media, in a span of no more than six or seven years.

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