In Response to NPR being Bias

Yes I do think that NPR is a bit bias. But then again there are many media networks that are media bias whether they’re radio stations, news stations, commentators, authors, newspaper companies etc. There are many media sources, and people who work in the media that take bias to the fullest. Whether or not it’s about Tim Tebow “Tebowing”  on the sideline or Britney Griner of Baylor University’s women’s basketball team playing like a “Man” because of her height and skill for the game of basketball, there will always be an issue. In my opinion, it’s the job of the media to be bias, and stir up conflicts. NPR is also bias because of the way they cover their stories, and on which stories they decide to cover. The way they handle their stories based on their policies makes it a bit sketchy, and is more than obvious on why they’re bias in my opinion. There have been many accusations in the past on NPR being bias, especially on how they have covered many current events and I see them more as a political radio station. I think there radio coverage comes from a lot of what has to do with politics which makes it bias. You won’t hear about a women getting raped or beaten, or a man that was shot 9 times in the chest in the Bronx. I think perception is important here for the audience because yes they are a very popular radio station, and have millions of listeners but is that really what we want to hear about our socieies and environments. If it’s going to be covered it should be covered the right way. Especially that they get to decide what to place, and what to speak of isolates away from other issues such as violence, corruption, and issues that really need to be covered. Yes, they may cover some of these issues but how they cover them, or what they make out of the story is what is an issue.

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  1. I agree with you that all networks are bias, and have to be somewhat bias in order to stir up conversation. I do feel that NPR should be a little bit more neutral than it is however. I believe that networks can be bias because they are owned by big corporations, that have their own view points, and are the people handing out the checks to all the employees, so if those employees want to keep their job they must report news based on the bias the station believes, such as Rupert Murdoch who owns FOX, and has a conservative bias. I feel that NPR should be far more neutral than other networks because we as tax payers are the ones supporting it, also non-profit organizations, as well as subscribers. No one owns NPR so there should be no bias view at all, it’s not fair to the people supporting it, who want to actually hear a true un-bias view. NPR should be a great source of news, because as they point out in the show “Newsroom,” the news is just a bunch of politically bias nonsense. It would be nice to have a great source of news that is neutral and brings up points on all sides, and that’s what i feel NPR should and could be, otherwise were paying for a station that is just like all other networks. I do however think you made many valid points and agree with you on everything you said.

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