Paticipatory Journalism

While searching through the internet looking for examples of participatory journalism I’ve noticed that many sites and articles were calling it citizens journalism. Participatory journalism is something that can be great to look at, but maybe not so great when you need facts. While writing as an armature you can post whatever you feel on the internet with no gatekeeper looking out for what is real and what can cause trouble. What a participatory journalist writes is most certainly their own opinion, and may not be what most people are looking for. Like many students have mentioned, many big news companies leave sections for their reader to leave comments, or their own stories. I found a section for NBC News where citizen journalist can pick a category and comment or leave their story on it. This can be definitely be a positive for major news companies because it can give them a chance to see what their readers are really interested in. I would never use citizen journalism as a credible source, but it can certainty get the ball rolling when brainstorming.



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