Participatory Journalism

After discussing Participatory Journalism in class, I began to realize how popular it actually is. I’ve noticed over the past few years, this form of journalism has begun to grow rapidly. It is a form of freedom of speech that allows you to state your thoughts and views on a specific subject. Social media in my opinion is one of the key factors to Participatory Journalism. Social Media’s such as Facebook, Twitter, etc allows people to post up whatever they want about anything at all. This type of journalism is not known as a professional type of journalism, it is voluntary and you are not getting paid to do it. One thing we talked about in class that really stuck with me was when we talked about the communities and the local patches that people right for. Patch.com is a website that is developed by local communities and people living in those local communities, that informs you about what is going on in your community. This is an example of Participatory Journalism because it is voluntary and a freedom of speech to say what they want about a community.

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