Fact vs. Truth

I found this idea to be very interesting. I never really stopped to think there even was a difference between fact and truth. When discussing it in class, I thought the points being made were definitely valid and I really liked the quote “Your entitled to your own opinion but your not entitled to your own facts.” You can’t change history, so facts seem to be more permanent. However, when you look back on history, there have been many times when facts are looked over and changed. For example, Pluto is most definitely one of the nine planets in our solar system. Wait…. I take it back. Instances like these make one think, can many facts be proven wrong and changed throughout history? And in fact, the word “truth” is in the definition for fact. “something that actually exists; reality; truth.” (dictionary.com) People create their own truths, and people also create the facts, however I feel the general population tends to trust “facts” more than truths, mainly because we grow up learning of the “facts” of history. Personally I feel facts are just truths on larger levels that are accepted and believed by bigger crowds of people. Yes, the average human makes up truths everyday, but wasn’t it humans like these that made the bigger facts in the past?

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