Culture Jamming

Culture jamming is everywhere you are and everywhere you go. I never really noticed or paid attention to how much it surrounds me. Before reading and understanding that it’s a form of alternative media, I thought it merely portrayed the idea of arrogant people writing obnoxious things on advertisements. But it’s more than that; this is a way for individuals to reach out to a mass audience without the use of mainstream media to depict a specific message.

This example of Chris Brown’s ad to promote his new album, someone placed a sticker across his face that says, “REPORT DOMESTIC VIOLENCE AND ABUSE”. Individuals such as the one who posted this sticker, wanted to prove that although they can’t control what ads are places in from of them, his/her voice is just as prominent in their communities. This an alternative way for someone to voice their opinion to the public, a way that they know it won’t be ignored. This is their way of spreading the word about domestic abuse, and that fame and “fortune” (then name of his album) is not an excuse for domestic violence. The point is to grab attention and have people not forget their message. Constant exposure such a this, is inevitably unavoidable, which is the broad purpose of culture jamming. Image

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