Culture Jamming

Culture Jamming has really started to become popular on the web, and throughout society. I think it’s cool how people express there ideas, and share what they believe to make a point. I think one issue of culture jamming today that not a lot of people notice, is that some images, billboards, websites, or any other form of media, tend to offend others, and a lot of individuals make a mockery out of issues and events that are important in our society, and around the world. There are many examples on the web that I found mocking countries in poverty, changing names of corporations such as FedEx into FedUp, or a Coke advertisement made into Enjoy¬†Capitalism, and I think yes it is great that many get to express images and ideas, but it’s how these images are portrayed to others. Culture Jamming captures and subverts images and ideas of mainstream media culture to make a critical point, or as a media designer. Culture Jamming has been created through many forms of media relating to the economy, military, power, money, government, businesses, corporations, protests, etc. I think that it hasn’t only created a culture but it has in a way become an “Art” to some. A lot of advertisements have also been affected and changed which in a way affects a lot of companies and businesses. For example with the BP oil spill, there was a lot of culture jamming during that time on BP.

For my example, I got an image of someone listening to music on the Ipod, which says “I steal music”. Today as we know many download music illegally on the web using soft wares such as Limewire, Frostwire, YouTube converter, HulkShare, etc. Today downloading music illegally has become an issue to music corporations, music labels, artists, and has affected their money, and business. A lot of individuals download music illegally so they don’t have to pay, and just because in a lot of ways it’s faster, and easy to download it in less than a 5 min.

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