Culture Jamming

Eduardo Salgado    Oct. 10

Culture jamming has been labeled as to hoax or fake or even manipulate what certain companies do not want you to see. But the question is whether exposing the truth can be classified as manipulating? I am almost positive that every company large or small has their dirty little secrets, and as the consumers we should not be denied the truth. If anything culture jamming should be referred to as culture solving. Culture jamming is a tool used to expose the truth and an effective one at that. It takes the images we see everyday and alters them to voice what companies do not want the public to see. These very same images we see everyday are now brought into a new light all because of culture jamming. Take my “Weight. I’m gaining it.” example this is obviously targeted towards McDonalds and the food they serve millions of people. People do not like to think that they are doing any harm to their bodies and try to avoid thinking about their health in the near future. This culture-jamming example if sarcastic because it is taking the famous McDonald’s jingle and switching it to a phrase that actually occurs when one consumes their products. The jingle is something all people can relate to because it is an advertisement that constantly appears on TV, radio, billboards, print, etc. We can’t escape it, so we should realize just exactly what we are doing it when we are “loving it” at McDonalds




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