Semester Project — Fitness Competition: pushing the boundaries of diet and exercise.

So for my semester project I am going to interview my sister, Lindsay Farrington and my friend Gianna Masi who both trained to compete in fitness competitions. Lindsay competed and won first place in both competitions, and Gianna only made it through a few months of training. I am also going to create an Instagram and blog that question the motives of fitness competitors, and discuss the possible illnesses that may be caused from competing. I will research various sources which are relevant to my topic and support a negative opinion regarding fitness competitions and compare these stories/opinions with Lindsay and Gianna’s experiences. 

I am not sure that my sister or Gianna will allow me to post their pictures/interviews on my blog/instagram but I will at least be able to use their interviews and pictures for the class to see and compare. Either way, I will have pictures of bodies from the internet as well as topics found from online sources on my instagram/blog. I am hoping to have responses from competitors and people who admire fitness competitors and/or aspire to change their lifestyle to compete in one in the future.

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