Culture Jamming

Culture Jamming is when someone or a company tries to portray a corporation as a negative thing, or opposite of what the corporation portrays themselves as.  They take their logos and have a play on words with it in a negative way.  Culture jamming is generally the truth behind a company, and what people should really know about the company, and what they are buying and spending money on.  People can culture jam anything, but generally culture jam big corporations that show there products as good, and healthy items for people to be using or eating.  I have a perfect example of culture jamming that was made as a youtube video called logorama, and it pretty much culture jams every big corporation there is, especially the mcdonalds clown.  The video turns the friendly clown into a demon who is thief, exactly opposite of how mcdonalds portrays their clown to be. The video also portrays how big corporation shave taken over society, and are present everywhere you go.   Here is the link…


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